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The following link shows a bibliographic database of Alexander Kriwoluzky's work:   

Working papers

Kriwoluzky, A.; Ettmeier, St. (2017): Same, but Different: Testing Monetary Policy Shock Measures. IWH-   Discussion Paper    9(2017).

Kriwoluzky, A., Müller, G. & Wolf, M. (2015): Exit expectations and debt crises in currency unions.
CEPR-DP10817.pdf (770.3 KB)  vom 24.10.2016


Kliem, M., Kriwoluzky, A. & Sarferaz, S. (2016): Monetary-fiscal policy interaction and fiscal inflation: A Tale of three countries. European Economic Review    88, 158-184.

Kriwoluzky, A.; Stoltenberg, Ch. (2016): Nested models and model uncertainty. Scandinavian Journal of Economics    118(2), 324-352.

Kliem, M.; Kriwoluzky, A.; Sarferaz, S. (2016): On the low-frequency relationship between public deficits and inflation. Journal of Applied Econometrics    31, 566-583.

Kriwoluzky, A.; Stoltenberg, Ch. (2015): Monetary policy and the transaction role for money in the US. The Economic Journal    125(587): 1452-1473.

Kliem, M.; Kriwoluzky, A. (2014): Toward a Taylor rule for fiscal policy. Review of Economic Dynamics    17(2), 294-302.

Kliem, M.; Kriwoluzky, A. (2013): Reconciling narrative monetary policy disturbances with structural VAR model shocks? Economics Letters    121(2), 247-251.

Kriwoluzky, A. (2012): Pre-announcement And Timing: The Effects Of A Government Expenditure Shock, European Economic Review    56(3), 373-388.